Immerse yourself in imperial culture and savour exquisite flavours from both Northern and Southern China at Shanghai Red.

Shanghai Red captivated the elegance of bygone eras in contemporary style. Discover the legend of Shanghai Red Xiao Long Bao as we pay tribute to this time-honored delicacy with six variety of fusion Xiao Long Bao.

“上海灘” 是一間以上海本幫菜為主要菜系的中餐廳,以現代演繹手法將 本帮菜发挥的淋漓尽致,让食客在博采众长中体味不失大气的柔媚矜贵, 细腻优雅的海派风情。

從原料食材的篩選處理、烹飪的嚴謹調味到上桌的品質服務,“上海灘” 希望能將最道地的上海美食呈現於饕客的盤碗中。

Tale of Tradition

Shanghai Red is proud to present legendary xiao long bao in our exquisite flavour, a tribute to Chinese delicacy and a tantalising experience for all. Xiao Long Bao is a famous Jiang Nan delicacy originating from Nan Xiang, Shanghai which also known as soup dumpling, is traditionally steamed and served in small bamboo baskets, hence the name (Xiaolong which literally means “small steaming basket”).

Relished for the delicious sweetness if the soup broth and the freshness of pork filling within, Xiao Long Bao is widely considered a fine piece of art in Chinese culinary!